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We provide immediate care for non-life-threatening illness, infection, allergic reaction, nausea, uncontrolled vomiting, asthma reaction, burns, fractures, lacerations and abrasions, sprains and strains, at the CIMA Medical Center. We wouldn't want to sit in a cold, impersonal emergency room, possibly waiting for hours. We would want the attention of a compassionate doctor and staff, in a calm and comfortable environment. Here at CIMA Medical that's what we provide for you, because that's what we would want provided for us, too.

If you ever find yourself or your family in need of immediate care from your healthcare provider for your health and wellness needs, you won't find yourself in a strange office with an unknown doctor, because we encourage you to come in to meet your new doctor and staff. When you choose CIMA Medical Center we choose to be your personal family physician and staff.

Our Mission...

We are committed to providing area residents affordable, convenient, quality episodic, non-emergency medical care in a patient-friendly environment. Our physicians, physicians' assistants,and family nurse practitioners are available for urgent care walk-in visits, as well as by appointment. Come to CIMA Medical Centre for help with acute illnesses and minor injuries, and for work-related medical services.

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